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learn from leaders in the areas of counter custody, combatives, combat marksmanship, edged weapons, emergency medicine, and more. 


ed's Manifesto:

Urban Movement

In any environment, mindset is the difference between predator and prey.This class addresses the most basic concept of survival, movement, from an urban perspective. These skills were developed and tested in operations against some of the largest and most brutal criminal organizations in the world. Techniques of this kind are measured only by effectiveness in real world application. Due to the nature of operations, support and supply was often basic, if available at all. This developed a unique minimalistic and improvisational approach to any problem. The average person similarly has little access to high tech purpose built tools, making the understanding of repurposed materials and basic urban survival concepts essential. 

Yousef Badou of Emergence:

predictive threat analysis


Predictive threat analysis focuses on innate behavior tied to limbic system responses -fight or flight- that are present in all human beings. This training will provide an objective lens by which you can identify and analyze observable behaviors associated with threat. Once observed, an individual can make better quality decisions to disrupt violence before it occurs.