resilient performance

Mike Lauria is a former USAF Pararescueman and is currently completing his final semester at the Dartmouth geisel school of medicine. outside of medical school, he works as a critical care flight paramedic and provides training to multiple emergency service organizations.

prior to medical school, mike served in the u.s. air force as a pararescueman at the 321st special tactics squadron, raf mildenhall uk, air force special operations command. during this assignment he deployed to operation iraqi freedom as part of a combat search and rescue team in support of the c company, 1st battalion, 10th special forces group -Airborne-.

in 2009, mike was named air force outstanding airman of the year and pararescue airman of the year. 

topics covered include

  1. How can civilian medicine and military medicine learn from one another.
  2. The extent to which combat and medicine present similar systemic challenges in terms of interpersonal dynamics, leadership, and stress management.
  3. How mental models to facilitate communication without oversimplifying complex phenomena.
  4. What is cognitive bias and how can we better refine our models without falling prey to it.
  5. Intuitive vs. analytical thinking- truly dichotomous or more of a spectrum?  
  6. How to identify if a failed outcome in medicine is the result of poor individual skill or something more systemic.
  7. Part-whole training.
  8. The low hanging fruit in medical education.
  9. Conflating selection with training.
  10. Teaching practices that maximize retention of information