Intro to Combatives


Intro to Combatives

from 129.00

Designed for those who are new to physical endeavors or with no prior combatives training. You will learn to keep danger distant. We will give you the knowledge, the motivation, and the physical skills to enhance your survivability.

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Frequency: 1x week  

Schedule: Saturday 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Duration:  3-months

Requisites:  None

Knowledge: You will learn how to identify threats. Commonly referred to as situational awareness. We will teach you what to look for and why. We will also cover the law of self defense. What to do following a threatening encounter and why. 

Motivation:  You will create your Why. This is your motivation, your inspiration. For some, this is their kids. Others it could be work. Your Why is what will inspire you to prevail. 

Physical:  You will learn simple, reliable attacks that work when under duress. You will learn fundamentals. And how to apply fundamentals at speed. We will teach you movements, not techniques, as based on the human developmental cycle. This is the same process by which an infant learns to move.