Intermediate Combatives


Intermediate Combatives


Designed for individuals who have completed Beginner Combatives. You will learn to keep danger distant, and when unavoidable, close with the threat, gain the dominant position, end the fight, and disengage. You will learn how to assess an individual and how to assess the collective environment; allowing you to identify threats before they materialize.

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Frequency: 3x/week

Schedule: Monday/Wednesday 6:30pm - 8:30pm & Saturday 11:00am - 12:00pm

Duration:  12-months

Program Cost: $5700 Paid in Full or $475/Month for 12-months

Requisites:  Completion of Beginner Combatives. Waived at discretion of Chief Instructor. 

Knowledge: You will learn how to identify threats. Commonly referred to as situational awareness. We will teach you how to assess an individual and the collective environment. You will learn what to look for and why, giving you a replicable process. We will introduce the five legal elements of the law of self defense. What to do following a threatening encounter and why.

Motivation: You will create your Why. This is your motivation, your inspiration. For some, this is their kids. Others it could be work. Your Why is what will inspire you to prevail. We will challenge your Why through basic stress inoculation training. Simply put, we will push you physically to the point of fatigue, and having found your Why, you will gain a second wind. Empowering you to prevail. 

Physical:  You will learn simple reliable attacks that work when under duress. You will learn fundamentals. And how to apply fundamentals at speed. We will teach you movements, not techniques, as based on the human developmental cycle. This is the same process by which an infant learns to advance from rolling to crawling to standing then running. We will challenge your ability to proactively identify threats and using a moral, legal, and ethical level of force, engage and defeat the threat.