Advanced Combatives


Advanced Combatives


Designed for those who have completed Intermediate Combatives. You will learn advanced techniques, with a focus on addressing the unexpected. You will continue to enhance your fundamental skills and the exercising of sound judgment through the application of increasing duress in a variety of scenarios. The objective is not to add more techniques to your repertoire, but to expand your understanding of the fundamentals and how to execute them at SOF speed.

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Frequency:  TBD

Schedule:  TBD

Duration:  18-months

Program Cost: $10,350 Paid in Full or $575/Month for 18-months

Requisites:  Completion of Intermediate Combatives & participation in Scenario-based training. Non-waiverable. 

Knowledge:  You will learn how to identify threats. We will teach you advanced skills on how to assess an individual and the collective mood in a dynamic environment and we will introduce the basic skills on how to assess group dynamics. You will apply your knowledge in after action reviews following each scenario.

Motivation: You will learn to use your Why to challenge yourself in a violent encounter. We will use increasing levels of stress to test your mental acuity and agility. 

Physical: You will learn how the basics of functional anatomy, as it applies to movement in all three planes of motion. This concept is crucial to understanding how to apply locks, manipulations, and pressure. You will become physically hard and when you must fight, you will fight to prevail.