Intro to Combatives

Designed for those who are new to physical endeavors or with no prior combatives training. You will learn to keep danger distant. We will give you the knowledge, the motivation, and the physical skills to enhance your survivability.

Online TRaining

Postural Alignment Program or Functional Movement Screen

Form and Function. The foundation of any program is an assessment of postural imbalance and functional movement asymmetries. We will provide you a personalized assessment and corrective posture or functional movement program designed to mitigate pain, improve functional movement, and enhance performance.

Beginner Combatives

Designed for individuals with competitive sports backgrounds, martial arts training, or military experience. You will learn how to keep danger distant, when possible, and how to address common threats. We will give you the knowledge, the motivation, and the physical skills to enhance your survivability. 

Intermediate Combatives

Designed for individuals who have completed Beginner Combatives. You will learn to keep danger distant, and when unavoidable, close with the threat, gain the dominant position, end the fight, and disengage. You will learn how to assess an individual and how to assess the collective environment; allowing you to identify threats before they materialize.

Advanced Combatives

Designed for those who have completed Intermediate Combatives. You will learn advanced techniques, with a focus on addressing the unexpected. You will continue to enhance your fundamental skills and the exercising of sound judgment through the application of increasing duress in a variety of scenarios. The objective is not to add more techniques to your repertoire, but to expand your understanding of the fundamentals and how to execute them at SOF speed.

Scenario-based Training

Designed to simulate real-life street attack scenarios. You will employ acquired skills in reality-based scenarios designed to simulate various street attacks. Here you will refine acquired techniques/strategies while under duress. These scenarios will involve the use of various weapons, including improvised weapons, multiple attackers, and multiple defenders [you aren’t always alone and sometimes attacks occur when you are with a loved one or friend]. These simulated attacks will be video recorded for your educational benefit and you will perform an after-action review (AAR) following each scenario, where you will identify what worked, what failed, and where additional training time is required.