District Combatives is not for everyone. i want to be honest because I want to start off on the right foot with you, but this training is wrong for most people. What I teach and what students learn is for a very small demographic. You might not fit it. And that's okay. Here's how you'll know if you do:

  • You do not find comfort in being average.
  • You acknowledge that where you are is not where you want to be.
  • You know that a desire to change is not enough to change, to grow.
  • You admit that wanting to change is not enough to reach your potential, to be the best you. 

Training Objectives

District Combatives uses a proprietary training system to address the three primary challenges to learning. These challenges are: 

1. Physical or Hardware challenges;

2. Motivational[or Psychological challenges,;and

3. Technical-based/Knowledge or Software challenges

District Combatives assesses and develops a personalized training protocol for each student. This training protocol follows District Combatives Objective-based training methodology, which identifies skill competency requirements and target dates for measurement of each skill, which provides a structure for learning that allows for instruction to extend beyond the training floor. 


Training Movement

District Combatives is a training ground, where every aspect of training is objective-based. Our warm-ups are based on the human-developmental cycle, which is predicated on the primary movement patterns which underlie all human movement, and directed towards how the human body functions under duress, i.e., when under attack.

The three primary movements with combatives application are:

  1. The Overhead Deep Squat - Assesses total body mobility and stability
  2. The Inline Lunge - Assesses deceleration
  3. The Hurdle Step - Assesses acceleration

Why fundamental movement patterns? Because deficiency in fundamental movement patterns has been shown to accurately predict predisposition to injury. This means we can identify an injury BEFORE it occurs. 

When you start your training with District Combatives, you will be assessed on these three fundamental movements and be given a personalized corrective exercises routine. 


Training Environment

Most self-defense systems would have you believe that through training in a sterile environment, i.e., compliant attacker, no verbal assault, comfortable padded flooring with no outside noises and distractions, will lead to confidence during the chaos of a violent encounter. However, research shows this is not true. In fact, you need repeated exposure to stress in order to achieve stress inoculation, which then allows you to respond appropriately to the violent threat. Training in a stress-free environment has physical fitness benefits, however, the ability to defend yourself or a loved one is, unfortunately, not one of them! 

District Combatives training is hard and training at increasingly higher levels of intensity to simulate the reality of a street attack means that training can hurt, and sometimes injuries do occur. When this happens, we do not simply wait for you to return when you’re ready. We provide you with an personalized pain mitigation routine, based on The Egoscue Method, the world leader in non-surgical pain relief, to reduce the duration of the injury and the intensity of the pain. 


Online Member Portal

In addition, whether you miss training for travel, work, or injury, our Online Member Portal provides you with training materials to continue your education outside of class. Online Member Portal training materials include links to technique videos and training guides, an extensive Reading List covering each area of personal protection, a Member-only Discussion Forum to communicate with your fellow class members, and much more. 

On a personal level, the Online Member Portal allows you to track your objectives, fitness goals, weight, nutrition, and even your water intake. At the end of each week, you’ll receive an email identifying the success from the previous week and reminding you of your objective to help keep the progress going. 

District Combatives has created the most comprehensive, scientifically-based training system available anywhere and made it accessible to a limited number of people. Class sizes are restricted to 10 students, ensuring personalized attention and a unique training environment unlike anywhere else. 

If you’re serious about keeping danger distant or knowing what to do when avoidance is no longer an option, come check us out. For a limited-time we are offering a 2-session Introductory package for $34. With no obligation to join.