The goal is not to just reach your potential but to build it, to make things possible that were not possible before.

District Combatives is a training ground. You will sweat. You will experience pain. You will be challenged. Pushed. And you will fail. And you will prevail. Not every time. But sometimes. And this, this line between fail and prevail is where expertise lives. It is here you will build expertise. It is here you will make things possible that were not possible before.

You will not be alone on this journey. You will train alongside likeminded individuals. Those who, like you, have accepted responsibility for their safety. This, acceptance, is the first step. It is the first of many. And it is the hardest step. But, when you make it. When you accept responsibility for your safety. For your life. You will be stronger. Not physically. That comes later. Not emotionally. That comes later. But psychologically. Acceptance denies you the victim pyschology. When you reject being the victim, what are you? On the path to being a victor! This transformation will not be quick. This transformation will not be easy. But it will be worth it. Over time. You will feel stronger. Physically. Emotionally. And psychologically. You will become stronger. Physically. Emotionally. And psychologically. Others will see it too. They will witness your transformation.

You cannot step into the future and still think in the past. Are you ready? Is your Purpose stronger than your Circumstance? Are you ready to accept responsibility for your safety?

If you are ready. Ready to accept responsibility. Ready to commit. We are ready to commit to you. We commit to provide you with the highest Quality training available. Expertly researched and tested, fundamental, performance-based training programs that place the individual before a rigid system.

When you are ready to commit to train, take a look at our Programs. You will find opportunities regardless of your current circumstance, prior training experience or lack of experience. We’re ready to help you make things possible that were not possible before.  


  • There is nothing fancy in a violent encounter, you will train to master the fundamentals.

  • You are training to prevail an unprovoked violent encounter.

  • You can't quit a fight, if you cannot commit to this training, then this training is not right for you. There are plenty of other systems that will allow you to quit. They will teach you physical skills, but they cannot teach you the power of resolve. In a fight, you must resolve to prevail. Your spirit cannot break or you will lose, and loss could mean death of you or a loved one.

  • With most all other personal protection systems enthusiasm can overcome capability. We don't do that at District Combatives. Hope is not a method. Neither is enthusiasm.

I look forward to training with you.

All the best