Why Screen (assess)?

This is not just another training program. What makes District Combatives unique is our focus on building a program around you, rather than the other way around. You are the best resource in developing a sound training program. Why is that so important? 

Many exercise and conditioning programs are a mix of fact, fiction, biased opinions, advertising, media hype, and personal anecdotes. Ultimately, both you and instructors have to wade through all these options to decide how to spend training time. District Combatives provides the tools for an effective assessment, informed by a philosophy of balance that will act as a guide through the confusion of training. You will learn to refine movement and explore potential. You will learn to base training practices on what assessments show. You will assess your movement patterns and train accordingly. Movement, not muscles, will be a constant guide.


Switch: How to change when change is hard

For things to change, somebody somewhere has to start acting differently. Maybe it's you, maybe it's your team. Picture that person or People.

Each has an emotional Elephant side and a rational rider side. You've got to each both. And you've also got to clear the way for them to succeed. In short, you must do three things.

1. Direct the rider

2. Motivate the elephant

3. shape the path

The 10 Movement principles

a lot of us don't achieve our training goals. Sometimes it doesn't have anything to do with our work or our efforts. Maybe we're not aiming in the right direction. the functional movement screen adjusts our aim. 

Functional Movement Screen

Interview with Gray Cook, creator of the functional movement screen. THe FMS can be used to identify inefficient movement patterns so you can exercise injury free.

Joints in the human body are designed to either provide stability or allow uninhibited mobility. THere are a number of variables such as being in a seated position for an extended period of time, doing the same exercises repeatedly or a pre-existing injury that can change how your body functions. 

THe fms is now used by professional football, military special operations units, and fire departments as a tool to identify potential injuries before they happen.

3D movement

Interview with Gary Gray. Gary is a physical therapist and educator who is often referred to as the Father of function. For more than four decades, gary has been teaching about the human body.