District Combatives is unlike any other Combatives, Self-Defense, Martial Arts program available anywhere. 

District Combatives began while I was teaching Krav Maga. Krav Maga is wildly popular, but its effectiveness is limited due to the sole focus on reactive physical techniques. You've likely seen some of these techniques, like a woman being choked from the front or from behind, and once the attacker's hands wrap around her neck, she energetically turns toward to the attacker, freeing her neck from the attacker's grip, as she then proceeds to kick the attacker in the groin, while simulating various elbows and punches to the head and back before running away.

Check out the Krav Maga "How to Survive a Strong Choke" video below. Then watch the real home invasion attack caught on a nanny cam. Note the difference of the attacker's speed, surprise, and violence of action. 

This all sounds and looks impressive. However, the reality of a choke is much different. 

A real-life choke has a purpose. The attacker seeks to kill you. Yet, you never see or feel this driver/motivation from the attacker. Why? Because Krav Maga, like all other martial arts, do not teach the motivations for an attack. In martial arts, an attack, like the choke described above, is little more than a feeder drill. A feeder drill is when you provide a specific stimulus to train a specific response.

Think of little league, where a coach or dad slow pitches to a hitter, who practices their swing over and over again. The objective of this type of training is to perfect the swing through repetition through the mistaken belief that any practice is will achieve the desired outcome. Unfortunately, this is not how the brain learns. [This topic will be covered in detail in a future post on Deliberate Practice] And this is why martial arts require such long commitments to achieve mastery. Krav Maga requires a minimum 5-years to achieve Black Belt. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is 10-years. 

Another failure of martial arts, as self-defense, is the focus on reaction. As is well-known, an action is always faster than reaction. Take the choke example from above, the "victim" reacts to the attack. The only reason the reaction is successful is due to attacker compliance and a lack of a driver/motivation for the attack.

This leads us to action. How do we act, instead of reacting to an attacker? Situational Awareness. That's how. Unfortunately, martial arts do not teach situational awareness. Instead, martial arts instructors provide a bullshit answer, usually something like, be aware of your surroundings or avoid bad neighborhoods.

Well, no shit Sherlock. 

There are other training gaps in martial arts. These are predominantly focused on functional biomechanics, i.e., how the body moves. A lack of knowledge, training, and understanding is why so many Krav Maga and martial arts students are injured within their first 8 weeks. Most never return. I don't blame them.

So, what makes District Combatives different? 

First, our training program is holistic. All programs include training on:

- Situational awareness

- Verbal de-escalation

- Less-than-lethal weapons

- Physical responses to threats

- Law of Self-Defense

- and we provide a personalized postural alignment and movement enhancement routines, Combatives centric physical conditioning program and supporting nutritional guidance

In addition, every member is tested at the beginning of their program [height, weight, body fat %, muscle mass %, caloric requirements, and more]. As well as, testing your knowledge on all of the topics we train. 

Why baseline test?

Simple. What gets measured, gets managed. We focus on measurable outcomes. It's great to feel more confident, but how do you know if this feeling of security is false? We insure against a false sense of security through testing and providing the most complete, intense program in existence. Anywhere. 

Bold statement, I know. Here is how I know.

Our programs are all personalized and each class is restricted to 12 students. This means you are not able to hide in the back away from my observation. We also use video diagnostics to identify the appropriateness of your response. A perfect kick to the groin when the attacker is no longer where you kicked is useless. Whereas a so-so kick perfectly timed and therefore striking the groin is money, every time. We are the only school to use video diagnostics. 

We are also the only school to use The Egoscue Method for our postural alignment program. Egoscue is the world leader in non-medical pain relief. A single visit to Egoscue costs $250 and it is recommended you visit every two weeks. Your personalized postural alignment program is included in the cost of your membership.

We are also the only school to incorporate the Functional Movement System (FMS) for our foundational movement program. FMS is used by professional athletes across all sports. And is used by prospects prior to completing their respective combines. A single visit to FMS costs over $250 (depending on the practitioner performing the assessment) and it is recommended you reassess every two weeks. Your personalized FMS program is included in the cost of your membership.

We also provide law of self-defense information based on Defense Attorney Andrew Branca's Law of Self Defense course. The course costs $1,000 and the core information is provided to you as part of your membership. 

We are also the only school to incorporate an online Members Portal, where your fitness testing and other information is stored. In addition, the portal provides you with a discussion forum to interact with me and fellow members outside of class. There are also regularly updated articles on a variety of wellness topics. Further, you will find the technique, law of self-defense, and situational awareness guides and manuals, as well as videos to ensure you are able to train whenever and wherever you may be. 

Lastly, we have established a relationship with Capitol Metro Physical Therapy, where each District Combatives member receives an FREE consultation should they incur injury. This is a $200 value and is included in your membership. Our training is hard, and as you can tell, robust, and injuries will inevitably occur. However, I do not believe that when a member is injured you simply let them walk out the door and hope they return once healed. I believe you continue to help the member to the best of your ability. And so, this is why the relationship with Capitol Metro Physical Therapy was established. Please note, there are no kickback or referral fees paid to either me or District Combatives. This relationship is based on my belief that Capitol Metro Physical Therapy is the premier Physical Therapy clinic in Washington, DC. 

Lastly, I have nothing against martial arts or Krav Maga. Unless these programs are identified as personal protection courses. They are not. 

As you can see, District Combatives provides amazing value for what we provide. To recap:

Egoscue Personalized Alignment program: $250 value [every two weeks]

Foundational Movement Program: $250 value [every two weeks]

Capitol Metro Physical Therapy:  $200 value [initial appointment]

Body Profile Assessment:  $200 value [every month]

Law of Self Defense information:  $1,000 value

Physical Conditioning Program:  $250 value

Exclusive Member Portal Access:  $100 value

All of the above additional benefits equal a $2,250 value and are included in your membership at no additional cost. Of course, this does not include your class training and video diagnostics. As a comparison, our Intro to Combatives course lasts 3 months (1 day/week for 12- one hour sessions) and costs $600 [$50/class]. Washington Sports Club group training costs $30/person for 1/2 hour of training or $10 more per hour. And all you get is 30-minutes of physical training. 

As you can see, this is why I say District Combatives is unlike any Combatives, Martial Arts, Self-and Defense program available anywhere. 

Come check us out. 

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